Client Testimonials

The first lawyer I went to told me I didn’t have a medical malpractice case. I was so happy when you told me you could help me and even happier when you won the case and got me a multi-million dollar award. I can’t thank you enough.
TP (Kings County)

I didn’t think a painter could ever win me such a big award. $5.6 million dollars is more than I dreamed of. I feel like I have something to offer my family again. Thank you Mr. Ready
JS (New York County)

All my lawyer friends told me Nassau County was a hard place to win a case. When you got me $4.75 million dollars after two weeks on trial, I was ecstatic. We have started to rebuild our lives and have you to thank.
WR (Nassau County)

I had a rough labor and my baby was born with a condition called Erb’s Palsy. I didn’t know it happened because the doctor was negligent. My friend suggested I call your office. You and your office were always very professional and there when I needed you. Thank you for your kindness and the great result you got for me and my family.
BE (Queens County)

We always felt that Paul’s death after surgery was medical malpractice. We were shocked when my first lawyer got the case dismissed. I thought the case was over. But appealed to a higher court and got our case revived. And then you won at trial. Thank you for making the surgeon and hospital pay for their mistakes.
JD (Suffolk County)

I didn’t know that Cerebral Palsy could be caused by a doctor’s mistake. I was devastated when my daughter was born with severe brain damage. As a single mother, I didn’t know how I was going to survive with a special needs child. The big award you won will take care of us for as long as she lives. I cannot thank you enough.
DV (Kings County)

I knew when I got out of the hospital I was never going to work in construction again. But I really never believed I would get much out of my lawsuit. You kept your word and the amount you won was more than I expected. Thank you.
WR (Queens County)

I cannot tell you how many law firms wanted nothing to do with my spinal surgery malpractice case. But your firm took my case, tried my case and won me a large sum of money. You are the best.
JM (New York County)

When I woke up from hip surgery I couldn’t use my left foot. Two other law firms would not take my case. I am so appreciative you tpok me as a client and won us a large settlement. We will recommend you to everyone we know.
CD (Bronx County)

I did not think I would ever recover from the loss of my husband during bypass surgery. But you took my case, keep us informed every step of the way and finally got us a recovery in the millions of dollars. My family and I appreciate so much what you did for us.
AD (Nassau County)

After my daughter fell and hit her head at recess, my first lawyer said we would never get more than a small settlement from the City. When Mr. Ready took over my case, everything changed. You proved our first lawyer wrong. Thank you for believing in us and working so hard. We will never forget the great settlement you won for us.
AD (Bronx County)

You are the best. My family attorney told me you would work hard to get me the money I deserved. You really came through.
KD (Nassau County)

I was afraid that when the case was over there wouldn’t be enough to live on. But you kept all your promises. You tried my case and got me almost $4 million dollars, more than I hoped for. Thank you.
RC (Bronx County)

After three years my original attorneys told me there was no case. A lawyer friend recommended Ready & Associates. We are so thankful you took our case and won us a generous settlement. We could not have done it without you.
MD (Suffolk County)

I really appreciate everything you did for me. I finally have the money to get the medical care I need and live with some sense of dignity. Thank you Mr. Ready.
MS (Kings County)

As someone without a Green Card, I did not think there was any chance for me after suffering serious injuries at the construction site. It felt like even the judge was against us during trial. But you worked hard and convinced the jury and they gave me a $2.4 million dollar verdict. I am ecstatic. I am so thankful.
AP (New York County)

After you won $1.2 million dollars from the jury, I could not believe that the court took away the verdict and made us try the case again. But you stuck with it, tried it again and got the new jury to give us an even bigger verdict the second time around! You have my most sincere thanks.
CA (Kings County)

As a lawyer, I knew what we were up against. But I also knew the kind of lawyer you are. I’ll never forgot the look on the defense attorney’s face when the verdict was read. Many thanks.
SP (Queens County)

After watching Mr. Ready on trial for two weeks, I understand why he gets such great results. I would not want to be cross-examined by him. Thank you for taking my case.
RF (Suffolk County)

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